Saturday, June 13, 2009

Session Summary in Song & Quotes

Session Three Quotes:

Out of Character:

"Did you have no personality? Er, the other way around?" - Maggienotmegan, in reference to Spock in the pilot episode.

"We've got low levels to take care of the ship, and not get taken over by monkeys" - Artemis
"Um, I think we're past that point." - Qwerty
"What about being taken over by monkeys? Says the monkey?" - Pitrsaprentice

"Was that in my fake australian accent? No.... therefore it was out of character." - maggienotmegan
"Bear in mind that wolf three is immobilized" - Pitrsaprentice
"Bears? wolves? what!" - Qwerty
"What are bears?" - Pitrsaprentice
"Oh" - Pitrsaprentice(not entirely sure on the in-characterness of this one. Qwerty wasn't speaking in character, and I'm not sure how confused Pitrsaprentice was)
"That's #1 and #2?" - Oddysey
"No,that's #1 and Halden" - saganatsu
"Halden at half health" - Artemis
"Yay! And he's next to a wolf he can't see! And it's the wolves turn!" - Oddysey
"Oh good! He rolled max damage!" - Oddysey
"It... disappears in a puff of smoke." - Oddysey
"Ice smoke." - Qwerty
"No more wolf corpse?" - Maggienotmegan
"No." - Oddysey
"No wolf corpse to loot?" - saganatsu
"No." - Oddysey
"No caltrops? no wolf pelts?" - Artemis
"No." - Oddysey
"No random silverware or napkins?" - Qwerty

"I don't need to roll for that. It's there!" - Artemis (referencing Fire Elemental)

(looking at character sheet) "What I'm wondering is how I survived gang life in chorral." - maggienotmegan
"apparently they're not very badass in Chorral." - Artemis

"I gave halden use rope! he can do that!" - Artemis
"So halden is our dungeon bitch?" - Qwerty
"But I gave him 'getting into trouble' stuff." - Artemis
"Yeah, exactly!" - Oddysey
"Oh god." - Artemis

"If we get trapped we can just use the farspeaking amulets." - Qwerty
"You really want to call your mom to bail you out?" - Artemis (to saganatsu)
"Well Ax could just call Blank, his boss." - Qwerty
"Yeah, call blank and say "everybody's dead". And then not respond. Because I'm dead." - karen

"So when should we run away?" - Qwerty
"How about before we're blinded?" - Qwerty (shortly after being blinded)

"I'm going to give Halden CPR." - maggienotmegan
"He doesn't need CPR!" - Artemis
"But he does need restraining." - Pitrsaprentice
"I can do that." - maggienotmegan

In Character:

"Oh that's what a tarrif is? Oh! I got it confused with the one where you kncok them unconsious, tie them to their boat, chum the waters, and sink their ship! " - Qwerty, Commandant Blank

"I do not fully understand the ways of these northerners, but in my homeland, this would not be considered a very cohesive team" - Qwerty, Stavros

Session One Tracks:

1. Elgar - Pomp and Circumstance (Sigrids Summit)
2. Andrew W.K. - It's Time to Party (Blanks Party)
3. Beastie Boys - (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party) (Sigrid breaking up Blanks Party)
4. Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire (Janan + Fire + Sex)

Session Two Tracks:

5. Electric Six - Danger! High Voltage (Again, Janan + Fire + Sex)

Session Three Tracks:

6. Matt Uelman - Cave (From Diablo 2) (Tomb of Ozymandias)
7. The Prodigy - Run With The Wolves (Fighting Grave Wolves)
8. SSX - Slayboarder (Fighting Ice Golem)

I'll continue the tracks as the progress, and then present a final, edited version (as some tracks will be removed or condensed, possibly)

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