Saturday, June 6, 2009

Session 2: In Which Janan Explains Things

Leif researches in Xanadu Library with little luck
We sail for Ao-Manasa
Halden convinces Kheriim that Leif is a terrible person.
Janan convinces Halden that Janan is awesome.
Janan also convinces Kheriim of many spur-of-the-moment tall tales.
We arrive at Ao-Manasa

[unsure of order of events, but decided this made most logical sense, even if it might not be how it happened]

We talk to Taevin whats-his-name, who gives us more info about a different artifact, a staff. It has the power to control bees. (and does other stuff, but really, BEES. obviously more important. and awesome.)

Janan convinces Kheriim to go to a bar with the rest of them. (Leif is there to stop bad stuff from happening?)
Halden tries to start a fight with the whole bar.
Janan tries to seduce Halden while fighting him.
Halden passes out, really really drunk.
Janan and Aed start fighting about...something...semantics, mainly, on the return to the boat.
Kheriim ends up casting a spell, as does Leif, in order to convince them to return faster.
(Also at some point Janan inadverdantly implies that Sigrid sleeps around and Leif attacks him to defend his mother's honor. Janan is very confused by having somehow given insult and is Not Pleased with being attacked--ends up with a knife to Leif's throat and Aed's magical intervention.)
First plan is to find an island full of bees. Second, more logical plan is to make sail for the tomb of Ozymandius.
On the way, we are attacked by a White Pudding. (much more vicious than it sounds) We eventually prevail, but not without Janan ending up hanging upside down from the crow's nest and Kheriim sulking a hundred feet up. Good times. :D

Ridalou-god of finding island full of bees (spelling?)

scrap of paper found by Leif in Wines of the South:
…(torn)…simply destroyed the Staff, and indeed, it has not been seen in a long …(smudged)…doubt that an item of such power could be destroyed by such a man, at least without any fanfare or record. This is particularly so when considering the nature of the Staff’s reputed powers…(smudged)…on several occasions that the object would bring doom upon any would-be destroyer. In any event, it is also known that the priest, Tai Lakquar, disappeared unexpectedly during the early…(smudged)…that he was a victim of Meren’s political ambitions, close as he had been to the new emperor’s father, but perhaps…(torn)…

info on scrap of paper as determined by Aed with object loresight:
  • 2000 years old
  • Last touched by: Leif
  • Race of last to touch: human
  • Creator: Tai Qualir
  • Race of creator: human
  • Purpose: to preserve knowledge
  • Made of: paper/ink
  • Location: Xanadu Library

info from Taevin about staff:
  • forged for the first emperor of the hora quan
  • Before the Aur Xica, son of first emperor created that
  • Had a number of powers: storm controlling, attuned to positive energy, controlled bees
  • Everyone assumes son had staff destroyed or hidden, because son went bad

"...Pantsless engineering?" -Oddysey, re: some note in her dm prep [context? what context?]

"...I think we're going to consume alcohol." -Artemis, Kheriim
"Sweet."-Oddysey, Halden

"What is" -Artemis, Kherriim
"Watch! It's totally awesome. You see the person on watch gets to go up in the crow's next--the round thingamajig up there--and watches." -maggienotmegan, Janan
"For what?"-Artemis, Kherriim
"Whales."-maggienotmegan, Janan
"...big fish?"-Artemis, Kherriim
"Yeah! Sort of."-maggienotmegan, Janan
"Why?"-Artemis, Kherriim
"Because whales are magical. You have to watch real close, and don't blink, and if you see one, you yell out the magic phrase and they'll grant you a wish!" -maggienotmegan, Janan
"...what's the magic phrase?" -Artemis, Kherriim
(whispers)"Supercalifragiliousexpialidocious" -maggienotmegan, Janan
"Watch sounds like fun."-Artemis, Kherriim
"Well, tell you what, seeing as you've never done this before, I've got first watch, but I'll let you take it instead."-maggienotmegan, Janan

"The more the merrier! Well, really that's for orgies, but never mind that!"-maggienotmegan, Janan

Halden! am I right or am I right?"-maggienotmegan, Janan
"You're completely right! Getting drunk is exactly like reading!"-Oddysey, Halden

"You want to fight? Alright then! What're the stakes? Tell you what, I win, you have to kiss me, I lose, I have to kiss you."-maggienotmegan, Janan, to Halden re: his drunk fighting challenge

"Why is he running around screaming?"-Artemis, Kherriim
"Don't worry about it. Longstanding tradition of bartenders."-maggienotmegan, Janan
"He looks angry. And he's yelling at you."-Artemis, Kherriim
"Naw, don't worry about it! He's just expressing his appreciation of our complete enjoiment of the bar."-maggienotmegan, Janan
"And he's mouthing I'm going to kill you."-Artemis, Kherriim
"Sign of affection."-maggienotmegan, Janan

"Look, you break it, you buy it, right? So when you break something, it's like you bought it! so it's like you're giving them gold--except that you arent and it's broken, but not the point. Breaking things is perfectly fine." -maggienotmegan, Janan, to Kherriim, re: burning the bar down

"He started the undead thing."-Oddysey, Taevin
"Did he start democracy too? Because I heard democracy and undead, you know, are like that."-maggienotmegan, Janan
"...Democracy is not something I associate with the undead."-Oddysey, Taevin
"One corpse, one vote!"-Foole, Aed

"I'm very, very offended! I'm hurt!-maggienotmegan, Janan
"No,no! I'm going to kill you!"-Artemis, Kherriim
"...that's the sweetest thing anyone ever told me!"-maggienotmegan, Janan

"That. is a. bee sound. I know a bee sound when I hear one. I know a bee from a bonnet, a hawk from a handsaw, and the wind doesn't have to be north-north-west either"-maggienotmegan, Janan, to Halden, under the influence of ale & a ghostly sound spell

"whales whales whales whales that's not a whale whales whales whales"--Artemis, Kherriim, sung while watching for whales

"Do whales make thumps and slithery sounds?"-Artemis, Kherriim

"Way to sink the ship!"-maggienotmegan, Janan, re: magic water attack
"It's water. Water doesn't sink ships." -saganatsu, Leif
"Yes, it does! Water sinks ships all the time!"-maggienotmegan, Janan

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