Friday, June 12, 2009

In which we set out for adventure and find pudding

Dearest mum,

I've been spending a lot of time lately taking readings for Master Soern. I think he may be regretting taking me as his apprentice and so now he just gives me busy work. He's always muttering about how I don't use enough attack spells. He just doesn't understand. I'm a priest, I help people, and usually that means healing or protecting them, not blowing them up. Anyway, the readings I've taken don't seem good. I think the Heart might be dying or maybe it's going to explode (Samani, God of Keeping The Heart Of The Sea From Blowing Up, forbid). Probably best if you cancel your plans to come visit, just to be safe. Besides, I won't be here! Lady Sigrid is sending me on a quest to find a mystical artifact that will fix everything!!! We're supposed to find a cup or goblet of some sort that's really powerful kind of like the Aur Xica, only not a sword so probably not very good for hitting people with. Pray to the God of Finding Goblets for me; the more prayers Mixi gets the more likely we are to be successful. The princes and some other strange people are coming to, so don't you worry about me. We'll keep each other safe, them with their swords, me with my spells.
One of the tall folks that is traveling with me is called Janan, and guess what?! He's Blank's son!!! He seems really fun. He's almost like one of us with the jokes he pulls. He told Kheriim (another human though she was raised by the verrik, weird) that whales are magic and grant wishes! He likes to get drunk and set things on fire, but it's okay cause Prince Leif keeps it from getting too far out of hand. Speaking of Leif and Janan, I saved the Prince's life today! Janan said something not too nice about Lady Sigrid, and so Leif and Janan got in a fight. Then Janan put a knife to the prince's throat! I made him drop it though.
I don't think I like water-ships. I spent the whole first day bent over the rail making offerings to the Goddess of Sea Sickness. Chulda must have been appeased though because I was fine the next day.
Our first stop was Ao-Manasa. We went to see Taevin and ask if he knew anything about the Goblet. He didn't, but he did know something about a magic Staff (or is it Stave) that was connected to the Heart, so make sure to add a prayer to Mixi's brother Wixi so we can find this Staff. I figure if we want to find the staff we should look for an island full of bees (prayers to Rinaloo would help), but instead we decided to go to the Tomb of Ozymandius.
Chulda took pity on me and I didn't get sick this time. I even took a turn at watch duty up in the crow's nest (wonder why they call it that, I didn't see any crows up there, I haven't even seen any since we left land, can crows swim?). The trip was very uneventful until the end. Kheriim was looking over the edge (maybe she was making an offering to Chulda too) and a white pudding tried to eat her face! We chopped it up but that just made things worse because now there were two of them.. then four.... Prince Leif killed it though, with a blast of magic. Then HE started to yell at me for not having attack spells! Leif spends too much time with Soern if you ask me.
Don't worry mum. I'll be fine.

Your loving son,
Aed Godfinder

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