Saturday, June 20, 2009

NPC Profiles

*Updated 6/20/09*

Sifqar - Male Verrik Champion of Magic
Sifqar originally from the Verrik desert (south of the jungle from which Kaperi and Kheriim hail). He came to Xanadu more than a decade ago while Sigrid and Gannen were after a Verrik named Qadara who had killed one of their Champions. Sifqar claimed that Qadara (who was his half-sister) was innocent and he was there to clear her name. As time went on, it became clear that Qadara had indeed gone rogue and Sifqar was forced to kill her. Sigrid saw this as an act of loyalty and invited him to stay. He's served the empire ever since. He's currently trying to find any trace of Paerk.

Jorik Malason - Male Human Champion of War
Joriik is native to Gorzam. He joined the Order of the Axe at a young age and served with Sigrid for about a year before she went off on her adventures on the Ocean's Blade. They also dated for a few months during that time but never really hit it off. He's been in charge of the Order (and the Empire's army) for the last five years, since the last General retired.

Halas Torstead - Minor Male God of Passion
Halas is Sigrid's father. He is also known as Alastor. He's never been much of a father figure. He occasionally appears in Sigrid's life when he thinks she's doing something interesting. He's the reason she's a runechild. She didn't inherit much from him except his extreme emotions. He showed up on Chak Itzin along with some other minor gods. Sigrid calls on him for information occasionally.

Cein Skystar - Male Faen High Priest of the Latter-day Church of the Hora Quan
Cein is a Greenbond who came to Xanadu after hearing about it from his friend, Paerk. He's a Greenbond and soon quickly became enthralled with the Heart of the Sea and its connection to the Green. With Sigrid and Gannen's blessing, he formed the Latter-day Church of the Hora Quan, which is mainly an earth-based, green-based spirituality, but does include numerous Gods (Cein is a Faen, after all).

T'nara'l - Female Dracha Champion of Freedom and Knight of the Axe
T'nara'l came to Pental from White Shoal Island shortly before the first Ao-Manasa coup and resulting war with the Giants. She fought valiantly and made a name for herself and has been one of Sigrid and Gannen's top generals ever since. When either Sigrid or Gannen goes off to battle (they don't ever go to war together for various reasons) T'nara'l is always right at their side. She takes their safety very seriously and considers every wound they recieve a mark of her failure. T'nara'l is also responsible for smoothing over Xanadu's relationship with Mixastomere.

Rasi Karradottir - Female Human Oathsworn
Rasi arrived at Xanadu four years ago at the age of fifteen. She demanded an audience with Gannen and told him that she had sworn an oath to protect his life. At first, neither Gannen nor Sigrid took the girl seriously. But Rasi was insistent and eventually, Sigrid and Gannen accepted her. Over the years, she has completed a number of tasks for them and her most recent oath was to discover the truename of the jealous God of Chak Itzin. Halden used to be quite infatuated with Rasi, but learned a few months ago that his crush was unrequited. He was quite upset about this and became even more angsty.

Zarstrak - Mojh Mind Witch
Zarstrak is the representative of the Mojh settlement on Pele Kor. The Mojh started showing up on the island a few years ago and have built a series of small villages. They practice magic and cultish rituals and generally keep to themselves. Recently they've attempted to tame the velociraptors with their strange magic. Their success rate is about 50% and is rising. The mojh decided they should send Zarstrak to Xanadu during the summit to make friends with the leaders. After all, they're here for completely legitimate, peaceful reasons. Honestly.


  1. Has Halas always been a minor god? And does this make Sigrid a demi-god, technically?

    I think Chak Itzin ought to be first on my list of islands to post about.

  2. Halas has been a minor god since before Sigrid was born. Dunno how long before that. Yeah, I guess that technically makes Sigrid a demi-god, but all she seemed to inherit from him were overwhelming emotions.