Friday, June 12, 2009

Diplomatic Log 2

Contact was made with the representative from Chak Itzin, one Ket Takchitan. Discussion was limited due to representative being more concerned with potential retribution from Thunder God, than with real diplomacy. If assistance were offered to the priests of the island, the opportunity might present to gather further, detailed information. Alternatively, the representative could be presented to Thunder God in hopes of gaining favor with that faction.
Having witnessed a discussion between the Commandant, Lady Sigrid, and the Diamond Throne representatives, reanalysis of early estimations is required. No knowledge of basic terms i.e. "tariff" was shown by Commandant. Sinking of vessels was implied in his understanding of said term. Suggestion of power struggle may simply have been combination of drunkenness and gross ignorance on part of the Commandant. Further investigation is required for definitive conclusions to be reached.
The Lord of the Empire has remained absent for the majority of the summit. If rumours of his failing health prove founded, our timeline may have to be moved up. The death of the man currently attuned to the Heart would of course leave no choice but to move immediately.

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