Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Session 1: Captain Blank's Guide to Parenting

"Just because they're stupid, doesn't mean they're worthless." Commandant Blank

"Okay, Mr. Pirate, what's one of the greatest dangers at sea?" Sigrid
"Kraken." Blank
"Fire." Sigrid

"I followed you." Blank
"I flew!" Leif
"I didn't say I did a very good job." Blank

"Nobody like harrid. Not even harrid like harrid." Stavros Xanthis

"Commandant Blank. It means I own the ocean. The entire ocean." Blank

"You clearly don't understand the principles of piracy, if you think it's better sober." Blank

"So, any ideas?" Blank
"Well, could you unfreeze my boots." Janan
"Oh, uh, can I? Huh, maybe a strength check?" Blank/AJ

"Oh, I get it. I'm Gannen's long lost brother." Blank

"Right. I am . . . listening to you." Blank

"You just need storm over just his boat. It happens all the time." Sigrid

"Alright, you. Rum. It's good." Blank to Janan

"Yes, yes, I scratch your back, you scratch my back, only we don't scratch each others backs we just do favors for each other." Stavros

"Magic sex would be pretty awesome if you ask me," Janan

"You said you've divided the sea into four quadrants. Is there a reason for this, besides the directions?" Janan
"I've got four admirals." Blank

"A flaming ship! Makes it look like it's going faster!" Kaperi

"Don't they all look alike? Human, human, human, they all look the same to me." Kaperi

"Oh yeah, she's the one who's already getting kidnapped. She inherited that gene from Gannen." AJ

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