Friday, June 26, 2009

Diplomatic Log 3

The relic hunting group has returned to Xanadu without that for which they searched. No information about the goblet could be obtained however they were told about a staff connected to the Hora Quan. We have been informed that the the staff of which they learned was created by a man familiar to us.
The group had then traveled to the Tomb of Ozymandias where a tunnel was discovered. While raiding the tomb, the princes apparently tried to kill each other. Due to her lack of previous interaction with humans, Kheriim's recollection of the incident may have be coloured. It is difficult to conceive that Leif would actually try to kill Halden, more likely it was a simple fraternal spat which she misunderstood. Regardless, the tension between the princes is an opportunity for us to further our agenda by playing them off one another.
The tunnel which they found led from the Tomb, to the island of Gorzam. This raises the possibility of other tunnels under the Spiral and alternate routes for clandestine activities.
Given these circumstances, information about the Drunken Gambler who passed through our lands must be obtained. Of particular interest is where he was headed when he left our lands and the location of anything he may have left or lost to our care. This information may be necessary to further our plans in the Empire.

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