Monday, June 1, 2009

My Parents Are Ruining My Life

So, I think mom's mad at me again.

Yeah, I probably should have told Blank to buzz off and find his own place to trash, and just gone to the stupid party and talked to mom's stupid enemies. She says it's a peace talk or something but it's pretty obvious that everyone there hates us. We keep fucking their stuff up, of course they do. But they don't even hate us enough to make it interesting. I mean, like, if war was going to be declared there or something, I would have gone. But it's all just "of course the giants respect Xanadu's sovereignty" and "Xanadu engages only in lawful border actions." Boring. And stupid. If people would just say what they meant it would be over a lot faster.

Anyway. I "let" Blank throw his party and get drunk and trash the place, and that was pretty cool, even when mom showed up because at least it's a ruler of a small country who's shut down your party. Not everyone can throw a party like that. And then I got grounded again, which I was pretty much expecting but they always forget about it halfway through, and it doesn't matter anyway because I don't have any friends. At least it got me out of that stupid official dinner. Although that did end up being interesting, so that sucked.

I wasn't there (duh) but this guy Stavros showed up from Skaraven or something, looking for help overthrowing whatever oppressive dudes hang out in the south. Mom'll probably figure out some way to get out of doing anything other than maybe sending a boat or two down, "because we have our own problems." (But mostly because Dad's stopped saying anything about stuff like that. Used to be every so often he'd sponsor a revolution or something just to get the fuck out of the city. Skaraven's too far away for him to do that, but still. I can see why he'd want to.)

Oh, and Blank's ship caught on fire. Anika's fault. (Got to admit, that's better than some party. I need to find a way to upstage her.) And she was with this other dude Janan who claims to be Blank's son. Wouldn't surprise me.

Figuring it out'll keep me busy. Mom drafted him into some task force along with that chick who came with the Verrik, Aed, Stavros, and Leif. And then she went and stuck me on it, too. I'm supposed to "get along" with Leif. How am I supposed to "get along" with someone who doesn't want to get along with me? He treats me like an idiot when he pays attention to me at all. (Hells, that was another reason to stay away from the reception/party/bullshit summit/thing.)

Yeah . . . probably shouldn't have thrown that party. Getting stuck on a boat with Leif is way worse than getting grounded. At least Ax's there too. Ax is okay.

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