Sunday, June 21, 2009

Session 4: In Which Our Intrepid Adventurers Find Themselves Inexplicably in Gorzam

Following the fight with the ice golem, we return to the boat for sleep, setting watches.
Last watch (Leif and Kheriim) was the only eventful watch, with some shadowy thing approaching Leif and offering to teach him how to control the Heart of the Sea in return for powerful artifacts.
Leif had not intended to tell the rest of the party, but the innocent insistence of Kheriim combined with a terrible bluff check means we are all now aware.
We return to the ice caves!
Past where the ice golem had stood guard, we discover much awesome treasure and a bizarre stone tablet. Stavros recognizes the script, but cannot translate. Ancient form of Skaravanian?
We spy an exit of some sort.
We exit!
Lo and behold, it is a cold frozen northland!
"This must be Gorzam," we say.
Ax confirms.
Blank calls Ax and is surprised to learn that we are in Gorzam.
Ax returns to the ship through the magical caves, dragging Halden with him, with the intent to sail to Gorzam and reunite with the party there.
We make our way into the city of Gorzam without! being attacked by wild yeti.
We go into the first bar Janan spots: The Yeti's Breath.
They have no rum.
This being Gorzam, they have no other alcohol either, just empty tankards and sighs and wails bemoaning the times when a fellow can't even get a flask of rum.
Kheriim 'makes friends' with a crazy guy who is apparently part of a PETA like movement and calls himself both a priest and a follower of the Great Icy JellyFish. (Guy has two eyepatches and wears a dead jellyfish for a hat.)
Stavros and Kheriim end up arguing about Verrik metaphysics.
Janan and Aed still want drinks, as does Stavros, so upon hearing a rumor of rum, we approach another bar: The Iceberg Lounge.
It's fancy.
And it has bouncers.
The bouncers do not like us.
We do not get any rum.
Luckily, we also do not get dead, despite Leif's almost starting a fight.
We then retire to yet another bar, one mentioned to Janan by Captain Blank: Uncle Grisby's Tavern.
We play cards and try not to kill eachother.
Captain Blank arrives in Gorzam!
Janan complains about Gorzam's brothels and their quality of service.
Blank refuses to let Janan sail his ship. Ever. End of story.
They finally decide to return to Xanadu with the information and treasure they've gathered, Blank communicating with Ax so that Ax will return Halden to Xanadu.
Our mission? To get the stone tablet translated!

  • Pio- God of Not Listening to the Verrik
  • Nysa- Goddess of Starting Random Fights


"You're like typewriter barbie!" -me to qwerty, re: his typing skillz

"Halden, you are siblings with Leif, no?" -Qwerty, Stavros
"No." -Oddysey, Halden

"There are nicer ways to send a message than by ominous shadow!" -Artemis, Kheriim
"But not cooler." -Oddysey, Halden

"-and then it was nice and jungle and everything was nice, but then the harrid come and they eat all the magic and it is becoming a desert." -Qwerty, Stavros, re: skaravaan history of being subjugated

"It's weirdly cold."-Oddysey, Admiral Ax
"Weirdly cold in the tomb of ozymandias?"-Qwerty, Captain Blank
"Weirdly cold in Gorzam. ...Actually, it's not weird that it's cold in Gorzam, but it is weird that we are cold in Gorzam."-Oddysey, Admiral Ax
"How did you get to Gorzam?"-Qwerty, Captain Blank
"We walked."-saganatsu, Leif
"...Damn magic."-Qwerty, Captain Blank

"All pirates are Italian!" -oddysey

"Crazy guy, can I wear your hat?" -Artemis, Kheriim
"No! You may not wear my hat; it is mine!" -oddysey, crazy priest who reveres icy jellyfish
and other natural fauna

"You could just eat the citrus fruits without rum, couldn't you?" -Artemis, Kheriim, re: scurvy in Gorzam
"You're just chock full o' blasphemy!" -oddysey, crazy guy

"When was the last time a god directly affected your life?" -Artemis, Kheriim
"The other day I prayed to the god of seasickness and then I felt better!" -Foole, Aed
"Personally, I've always found the gods rather useful. See, when people go to the temple, they tend to leave their bags unattended, and I've always found that to be helpful, especially when the bar's price for ale goes up." -me, Janan

"I could go for alcoholic beverage." -Qwerty, Stavros

"Gorzam is the town where people care if you murder the bouncers!" -oddysey

"Halden's talents are in hitting things and then moping about it! He gets it from his parents." -oddysey

"I would like to remind the party once again that my gender is male till specified otherwise." -me, out of character

"I have only the greatest admiration for the jaw strength of faen!" -me, Janan, re: argument about using the term 'biter' to refer to faen

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