Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kheriim's Notes 2

Travel from Xanadu was on a boat. Likes Fire knows a lot about whales. He says they are magical. Skepticism will be maintained for the meantime. Time at sea was otherwise boring. Ao-Manasa has a lot of people in it. One is Finder of Things. Finder of Things knows nothing about the cup which we seek. Finder of Things knows of a staff that controls bees.

There are also bars in Ao-Manasa. Likes Fire and Trouble Boy wanted to go. Prince came too. Alcohol is bad, but drinks were had anyway. Trouble Boy tried to fight the bar. Then there was fire. It was time to go. Priest and Likes Fire argued. It was still time to go. Why won't they go? All problems can be solved with magic. They finally go.

Time to leave Ao-Manasa. Some want to find an island full of bees. Seems difficult. Some want to go to some tomb. Seems easier. To the tomb is the direction of travel. Also, human sexuality and relationships seem complicated. Likes Fire said something about Glowy Lady and sexual behavior and then Prince got upset and tried to attack him. Time to hide in the air.

When the tomb was in sight, something happened. White puddings attacked! It was bad and painful. Then there was magic and they died.

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