Sunday, June 14, 2009

Session 3: Constant Vigilance! Velociraptors are sneaky creatures, don't you know?

We go into the tomb of Ozymandias.
Kheriim finds a secret tunnel.
This tunnel is cold, dark, and leading downwards.
It gets both colder and darker.
Suddenly, we are attacked! by a Grave Wolf.
This happens at approximately the same time we come upon an open chamber, size unknown but large enough that a globe light (radii of 20 feet) does not illuminate the sides.
Apparently, where there is one Grave Wolf, there are two more you missed on the spot check.
We do brave battle! And eventually prevail!
Although not without complications:
Leif hits Halden with an attack spell (as well as a wolf). Bad Leif!
Moving on, we come upon an ice golem guarding a giant door.
Janan attempts to be diplomatic.
This does not work.
We start fighting with it.
This does not work either.
Luckily, we all survive and manage to take the golem down, mostly due to Admiral Ax's higher level and Leif's early-spent rune attack.

Leif is a terrible brother. D:
Grave Wolves come from up north, where they are said to haunt the houses of the dead. When Grave Wolves die, they dissipate into a cold mist.
Arguing with a construct such as a golem is akin to arguing with a calculator, and as futile.
Janan crit fails way too often.
Halden & Leif are likely to kill each other in future sessions if there is not an intervention of some kind.

"That is vague enough for me to approve!" -Qwerty, Commandant Blank, re: Sigrid's definition of tariff

"He says he'll totally tone down the border actions if you tone down the piracy." -oddysey, re: npc Giant ambassador from the Diamond Throne

"If it makes you and your brother feel better, I totally have a lock of each of your hair, so I can always bring you back" -Artemis, Sigrid
"...thanks, mom."-Oddysey, Halden

"I will give monkey comrade little push up!" -Qwerty, Stavros, re: lifting Ax for gliding purposes

"Was that in my fake Australian accent? NO. Therefore, out of character"-me

"I'll take rear guard. Velociraptors come from the outside."-PitrsApprentice, Admiral Ax

"I do not understand the ways of northerners yet, but in my homeland, we would not call this very cohesive group."-Qwerty, Stavros

"What are you talking about? The jungle is full of dungeons!"-oddysey, re: some player comment
"Haven't you played Diablo II?"-qwerty

"You don't cast magic missile at the darkness!"-qwerty re: Leif's protestations of total innocence though he totally almost killed his brother

"Don't do that! Velociraptors attack from the outside! have you never heard of a ranged weapon?"-PitrsApprentice, Admiral Ax
"I've *heard* of them, but they're for posers."-Oddysey, Halden

"The more you are speaking the less I am being inclined to believe you"--Qwerty, Stavros, re: Janan's "explainations"

"I'm going to give Halden CPR." - maggienotmegan, Janan
"He doesn't need CPR!" - Artemis
"But he does need restraining." - Pitrsaprentice, Admiral Ax
"I can do that!" - maggienotmegan, Janan

"What I'm wondering is how I survived gang life in Khorl..."-maggienotmegan, re: Janan's fail!stats
"Apparently they're not very badass in Khorl."-Artemis

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