Friday, June 5, 2009

Diplomatic Log 1

Mission remains questionable. Soon after having arrived in Xanadu opportunities presented themselves. Upon arrival to the summit, we were greeted by the Lady of the New Hora Quan Empire. Once preliminary talks ended, she stormed off to put an end to another gathering that apparently was called by Commandant Blank and/or the younger prince. A mere two decades in, and already the empire seems to be suffering power struggles. 
After the Lady and Commandant returned, Kheriim was sent along with the presumed heir on his trip to calm the empire's Commandant, presumably with alcohol. The reliance of such a highly placed officer on this substance may prove to be an opportunity to be exploited later if necessary.
Lord Gannen was suspiciously absent for the entire greeting ceremony. He did appear for the dinner but barely spoke or moved. He did not seem well, and preliminary observation suggests that he may not last long. Dinner was interrupted by the sudden entrance of a man claiming to represent the rebels of Skaraven. Lady Sigrid avoided making any promises but seemed sympathetic to their plight.
That evening the Lady created a group to hunt down a relic related to the Heart of the Sea. This group consists of both princes, along with the Skaraven representative and the magister's apprentice. Kheriim was also sent with them, she seemed reluctant but it will allow her to develop a closeness to the heir. The Commandant's child was also sent along in order to keep the princess distant. Hopefully the child will not be a negative influence on Kheriim, though she will likely be smart enough to keep her distance.

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