Friday, June 5, 2009

Don Marko and Gorzams Gang War

Don Marko:

Sons of The Family are often left to their own devices, and are never given anything for free, unless they somehow “convince” people to give them things. Eventually, one of a generation is ruthless enough, clever enough, or well-liked enough that they are chosen to be the next Don (by the current Don). Don Marko’s first name also happens to be Don, and he won his status through more benevolence than ruthlessness. That is not to say he is any sort of pushover or pacifist. He is a fair person… for a pirate from Gorzam.

Don Marko is a few years younger than Blank, and has only been Don for about 15 years. Before that, he was in the traditional second-in-command position, running the Black Market on Gorzam’s main street. In the year 7, Iliam assassinated the old Don, and tried to claim that title as his own. But most of the inhabitants (and all of the Family patriarchs) recognized Don Marko instead. With the help of Blank, Don Marko hunted down and defeated Iliam. Shortly after, the Hora Quan officially annexed Gorzam.


Gang War:

Year 16: Two Brothers, Maurice and Gabriel Antolini, have a falling out at age 18. They become bitter rivals, and opposing gangs form around them. As time goes on, Maurice becomes more violent and ruthless, more than the Family usually is. There is a bar run by Maurice’s gang that is rumored to have rum, despite the shortage. It’s very expensive though, and has tight security. Gabriel stays true to the old ways, though he is less lenient when dealing with his brother’s gang.

Year 20: Patriarch Pazzesco disappears one moonless night. He is found months later, wearing animal skins and wielding a staff while chanting to a fire, in the footsteps of the mountainous region to the northeast. He is convinced to come back to Gorzam, but he begins recruiting people into his cult. Little is known about the cult, other than they occasionally lure Yetis down from the mountains to cause havoc, and that they have cabals out in the mountains footsteps.

Year 22: Gabriel becomes less patient, Maurice becomes more aggressive, and Pazzesco is becoming a greater problem, though he is seen less and less in Gorzam. Don Marko is trying to keep the peace and remain neutral, but he fears that a cleansing bloodbath is inevitable.


The city is on the southern end of the island.  There is a main street that goes from the main port (1) to the black market city section (2), then angles to the east. The black market city section is where Don Marko’s headquarters are, and the family has a tight hold on that section. South of that section on the west side of the main street (3) is controlled by Maurices gang. The entire city on the east side of the main street (4) is where Gabriel has the most influence. The north section (5) is controlled by Pazzesco and his cult. That is to say, Pazzesco has little presence elsewhere, and it is the area with the most Yeti problems.

Outside of the city, to the west, is the rural area (6), where people lead a very similar life to those in the city, only they live on and operate farms, and are less affected by the politics of town, and more dominated by personal control of ones own farm. On the west coast of the island, is the Pirate Cove (7), currently under tight security by an unknown pirate. North of those areas is the Frozen Wastes (8), which are designated by no other geographical marker than it’s where things stop growing, so the rural folk have no reason to venture in there. North east, are the mountains (9), where vicious creatures such as Yetis, and some reclusive humanoids live in caves.

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