Friday, May 29, 2009

Rumors in Xanadu on the Eve of the Summit

"You heard about that ship, the Merchant's Behest, got just past Mixastomere but hasn't been heard from since? I got a cousin who sighted it, he says no way it was the dragons -- it was whales. Giant, ravenous whales. Whole horde of 'em. Any time you sail that far down south, be careful." Tony Sola, down at the docks

"Have you heard who the giants are bringing? Only Mekhel Raghon -- the most gorgeous man in the Diamond Throne. And he's available, and he's royal. Human royalty doesn't count for much back west, but it does count for something." Mira Trai, host of the most fashionable salon in the Red canton

"The Free Faen aren't coming! Probably the Diamond Throne launched another raid to keep 'em out of it, that's smart politics, that is. Wouldn't want the Harrowdeep resistance muddying up their nice pretty party, now would they?" Fezzy Turnbite, quickling faen and full-time resident of the Seafly Saloon

"Gorzam's got hit hard by scurvy this year, harder than most. It's those damn Diamond Throne ships, blocking the trade. Can't get the rum to put their limes in." Oa-Betash, captain of the Midnight Star

"I overheard Ma last night saying -- well, I shouldn't be telling you this, she'd just I was stirring up trouble, but there's a harrid in the city, just this last week, folks have been citing it all over, sneaking around. Wears a cloak, but you can tell. And you know what it must want, coming to Xanadu." Peter Caslingan, errand boy and son of Loretta Caslingan (who owns the best bakery on Xanadu, he'll have you know)

"You know you haven't seen Gannen in a couple of months, right? Yeah, that's right, nobody's noticed it yet, but they will. See, one of his kids did him in, but they're keeping it secret until they can get the succession cleared up. Wouldn't do any good to have the giants know we're defenseless at a time like this. So don't tell any giants, okay?" Erri Blackstone, bookseller

"One of those delegates, just arrived, they've been marked by the assassins. No, I don't know who, and I don't know why, but they have. Heard it from old Tom, and he doesn't tell lies. No, sir." Xayqua, Verrik blacksmith

"I heard from my Aunt Kell last week, her son Zan's gone missing. Whole bunch of the men in those Chak Itzin settlements have, she says -- you didn't know I was from there? Oh, man, the stories I could tell you." Jayne Teller, glassblower

"You know why the giants are so interested in this summit, huh? Why aren't they aren't just staying home, like they belong? I'll tell ya -- 'cause they're about to declare war. The summit'd be just the place to do it, too. It'd have everyone all distracted-like. The element of surprise. So be ready! Don't let any of them giant bastards get away, when the time comes." Irrian Millhouse, veteran

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