Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ghalib Ikraam: Litorian Librarian

Name: Ghalib Ikraam of the [untranslateable; sounds like a growl] tribe
Class: Totem Warrior [Lion] / Akashic
Race: Litorian
Age: 34
Gender: male
Background Info (PUBLIC):
Has five wives/mates: Nawra, Nyarai, Avani, Rawiya, Sahar. Avani is younger; all others are several years older.
Has fifteen children, unevenly distributed. Notably, has three sons.
Father is chief of tribe, has four mothers, eleven sisters (older & younger), one brother (much younger-not yet 15)
Has been studying lore at Xanadu library for the past three years, heeding the ancestors' call to be an akashic.
Dislikes Rhodin. A lot. Also seems at times somewhat reckless, then at other times exceptionally practical and responsible.

Background Info (PRIVATE):

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