Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cap'n Blank's Posse

At the end of the last campaign, Blank began to focus more on getting more personal with his fighting style, hitting people with his sword and casting offensive spells/witcheries. After the second showdown with Monala (which may or may not have been manipulated a bit by Blank so that he could test out his new techniques), he officially founded The Azzirian Order of Xanadu Battlewitches.

Present day, there are 15 official inductees to the Order, the 4 most powerful (aside from Blank himself) are Blanks most trusted Admirals.

Sebastian Moretti, Admiral of the Southeast
lvl 13 Sea Battlewitch
Favored Weapon: Longbow

Sebastian and his younger brother Antonio are from Gorzam. They are about 20-24 years younger than Blank, but knew well of his exploits in Gorzam, spending much of their youth listenig to stories told by Uncle Grizby.  Sebastian was inspired by Blank to study witchery, and took the obvious focus of Sea Witchery. He is a bit more stable thank Blank, but he often let's loose and you wouldn't know too  much difference between the two. Like the sea itself, Sebastian is often calm, but subject to the occasional bout of rage, especially if it involves  his younger brother (either his young brother being antagonized, or antagonizing someone else).

Sebastian commands the Hora Quan naval forces in the Southeast, specifically Mixastomere's Island, The Island of the Jeweled Trees, and the surrounding waters. His ship is Hades Executioner.

Antonio Moretti, Admiral of the Northwest
lvl 13 Sea Battlewitch, Unfettered.
Favored Weapon: Longsword

The younger, less predictable of the Moretti brothers, led a tougher life in Gorzam. As the brothers grew into their teens, Antonio spent less time with Sebastian, and got involved with the rougher crowds of Gorzam. Later in life, Antonio ran into trouble with drug runners operating in Gorzam-Ao Manasa (around year 10ish), and needed to be bailed out by his older brother. Sebastian was already studying Battlewitchery with Blank, and Antonio just stuck around with them, eventualy rising to equal rank of his brother. Although deep down, the brothers are there for each other, there is a reason Blank assigns them to opposite corners of the Spiral.

Antonio commands the Hora Quan naval forces in the Northwest, specifically the islands of Gorzam, Rellik's Island, Pental, and the surrounding waters. His ship is the Sea Wolf.

Halcyon, Admiral of the Northeast
lvl 13 Wind Battlewitch
Favored Weapon: Rapier

Halcyon is a Verrik. She lived in her native jungles learning wind witchery for the early part of her life. She had a fair bit of wanderlust for a Verrik, and went wherever the wind took her.This wind, being magical wind, brought her to Xanadu. She was intriguied by Blanks order of Battlewitches and eventually joined, becoming a major influence on Battlewitchery. Unlike the Moretti brothers, who spend most of their time on their ships, visiting their islands, ect, she spends much of her time in Xanadu, most often the library or religious district. She's happy to go to where she is needed, but trusts her Captains to take care of most problems. However, due to the intresting nature of both her assigned islands, she spends much more time in the field that she would like to.

Halcyon commands the Hora Quan naval forces in the Northeast, specifically the islands of Zho Dan, Chak Itzin, and the surrounding waters. Her ship is the Gray Ghost.

Ax Horrornight, Admiral of the Southwest
lvl 13 Iron Battlewitch, Warmain
Favored weapon: Greataxe

Ax is a Hadozee, an intelligent Ape from the island of Pele Kor. As a sign of goodwill, the Hadozee sent one of their own to work with the Hora Quan. Being strong, and somewhat magically inclined, Blank decided he wanted him to round out his 3 Admirals, and enlisted him as a Battlewitch. At first, Ax was confused by the whole Witch thing in general, but he decided he liked the magical perks it came with, and so is greatful for the abilities he now commands. 

Ax commands the Hora Quan naval forces in the Southwest, specifically the the peninsular border town of Ao-Manasa, the coast, and the surrounding waters. He deals mostly with the problems of Giants, Ao-manasa's illegal black market, and just general border things between The Diamond Throne, Hora Quan, and the Nine Cities.

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