Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kheriim's Notes 1

1 of 6month

Teleporting tickles. This was discovered today while travelling with Kaperi to Xanadu. Magical sensitivity could explain the tickling. Xanadu is large, magical, and made of floating rocks. Magical sensitivity in Xanadu induces headaches. The people of Xanadu eat fish. Fish tastes like death.

There are many human-types here of many sizes. The small ones are Faen. The large one is a giant. There are also lizard people, cat people, monkey people and many other not-people type people like in the books at home. There are many people with many titles. What purpose do these titles hold?

Glowy Lady came with a man. She called him Damn Pirate. He was sent away with Prince. Then there was a boat with Prince and Damn Pirate. Damn Pirate imbibed much alcohol. Alcohol is bad. Prince encouraged him. Prince is bad? Prince must be treated nice, even if Prince is bad.

There was a dinner. There was more fish. There were other dead animals too. Damn Pirate and Scary Mage left through the window. They are very unorthodox. There was a man who came in who talked about Harrid. They eat people just like these people eat animals. The man was Strange. Strange also ate dead animals. Damn Pirate and Scary Mage came back with Trouble and Likes Fire. There was much yelling.

Later, Glowy Lady formed a group with Trouble, Likes Fire, Priest, Strange, and Prince. Kaperi says to go. A magic cup must be found.

Kaperi says to go. To go with these people is scary.


  1. three words: limited social skills

    (also perhaps a touch of asperger's or some other autism-spectrum disorder)

  2. Or "raised by Verrik" disorder, perhaps?

  3. Yes, Verrik childrearing techniques might not be good for the psychological health of human children.