Thursday, May 28, 2009

An Introduction to Kheriim

Tenth Level 19-Year-Old Female Human Mage Blade (Unbound)

Kheriim was born 19 years ago to a tribe of humans near the border of the Verrik jungles. She was certainly magical in nature and was brought to the tribal elders. Instead of seeing her unusual magical sensitivity as a gift, they decided she was a soul-less demon, anathema to Rallonoch and a threat to their tribe. She was pronounced "Kheriim", meaning she was to be outcasted forever. Her mother was ordered to abandon her to the jungle.

Instead of doing so, however, her mother secretly brought her to the Verrik, hoping they would save the child and raise her. She was taken in by a community, raised not by individual foster parents, but the community as a whole. The Verrik decided that the title "Kheriim" should not be a disdainful one, but one used with pride and it became the girl's name.

She was indeed unbound from birth, but the Verrik didn't believe her to be evil. Instead they believed her unboundness gave her a clean slate and unique perspective. She grew up fascinated by swords and began doing swordwork with her own unique magical spin. She taught herself the art of the Mage Blade with no formal training.

This excursion to Xanadu is her first time out of the jungle.

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