Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Events of the Past 22 Years

Year 0 is 1759 by the local calendar (not, note, the giant calendar) and 2500 by the old Hora Quan calendar.

Year 0 -- Restart the Heart of the Ocean
Year 1 -- Zho Dan starts to rebuild itself
Year 2 -- First set of twins (Leif and Freya)
-- Ea-Shamar and Dar-Shada get married
Year 3 -- Chak Itzin "materializes," complete with population (no memories)
-- Ice caves discovered beneath Xanadu
Year 4 -- Second set of twins (Annika and Halden)
-- Soern starts a magic academy
Year 5 -- Zho Dan finishes building itself, initiates formal relations with Xanadu
Year 6 -- First Ao-Manasa coup
Year 7 -- Brief war with the giants
Year 8 -- Chak Atzin's jealous god shows up (or at least, makes his presence known)
Year 9 -- Another magic showdown with Monala on the Jeweled Tree Island
Year 10 -- Blank founds Battlewitch Order
Year 11 -- Trade established with the southern cities
Year 12 -- Other Chak Atzin gods show up
Year 13 -- Jeweled Tree Island discovered to be growing
Year 14 -- Second Ao-Manasa coup
Year 15 -- Xanadu forces retake Ao-Manasa
Year 16 -- Soern takes Aed as an apprentice
Year 17 -- Giants disrupt trade with the southern cities
Year 18 -- Rumors start that Paerk is a giant snake
Year 19 -- Ghalib arrives and starts studying at the library
Year 20 -- Several sightings of a strange, unknown dragon
Year 21 -- Border skirmish with the giants
Year 22 -- Sigrid holds her summit

The exact details are still subject to change, but this lays out the broad outlines.

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