Friday, July 17, 2009

Session 5: In Which Noone Remembers to Take Notes

  • The party sets off on their two month trip to Khorl, the closest port to the Deathwastes, in which there is apparently a temple containing the magic cup we're looking for(according to the stone tablet & Stavros).
  • While en route, Halden has his eighteenth birthday, and there is much rum rejoicing rum and rejoicing.
  • Janan convinces Halden to join him belowdecks. After they...entertained themselves and were on their way back up top, Janan notices the door to their room is magicked in some fashion. Halden does not care and goes on through. (sandwiches!) Nothing appears to happen to either Halden or Janan, so they decide to forget about it.
  • Once they arrive in Khorl, Janan decides to go visit her mam's old brothel. The magic-users decline to come, instead hanging out with Aed in some tavern/inn as he studies the distant mountain in preparation for teleportation.
  • The party landed in what turns out to be Zaz territory. Janan is noticed by a group of Zaz youngsters who attack as soon as they realize a Yarlz lad is in their midst. Stavros and Halden step in to help, and the battle ends with several dead thirteen-year-olds. (It's alright; they had it coming. They attacked us.)
  • The non-magic-users make their way to the brothel. Janan visits with old friends and ends up mysteriously disappearing for a while. Stavros is intrigued by the brothel and Halden disappears (most un-mysteriously) for a while.
  • Stavros and Halden meet back up with the magic-users, but there is still no Janan. Cue argument about looking for him, waiting for him, ditching him, etc.
  • Janan shows up all "Ready to go?" and many people want to slap him.
  • Aed teleports the group. We do not die! Or get split into many pieces across the lands! Huzzah!
  • We arrive at the Rakshasa citadel, AKA the Temple of Elemental Evil (consencrated to Fire, Death, and EVIL)
  • It appears most evil. We explore, but nothing exciting happens until we find an altar. Stavros' approach somehow triggers the opening of a secret door. Clearly, this means we must rush ahead into the dank dark tunnel of DOOM with nary a care.
  • We come into a great big chamber with a ginormous chasm and a stone bridge connecting our side to the other side with an altar and the Magic Cup of Quest-Fullfillment.
  • The magic-users are pragmatic and cautious, staying on the one side and making great plans. The non-magic-users are unsure what the words pragmatic and cautious mean, and blithely make their way across.
  • Halden decides in his infinite wisdom that as this is a temple of fire, blood, and evil, that it would totally be the best plan to bleed into the magical cup.  Luckily, this appears to do nothing besides create a silvery sort of substance.
  • Aed decides in his infinite wisdom to use magic! to lift the cup up and transport it to the other side.
  • We are then attacked by shadowy skeletons.  Many of them. Clearly the timing of this was completely coincidental.
  • Victory is ours, but we all suffer injury, particularly Stavros who finds himself rather near death.  However, when he touches the cup, it heals him.
  • We then chill outside the temple waiting for Aed to prep his teleport spell.

This party is rather polarized, but at least the two sides are even in number, even if the non-magic-users have to make do with an awesome npc rather than a third pc.

"It's like hobbits and birthdays, only with Russians and drinking!"-Qwerty, re: Halden's bday celebration

[re: discussion about Halden & his swift strike not being usable in sexual relations]
"It requires a weapon focus"-Artemis
"It has one. Longsword."-Artemis
"Not like that!" -Artemis

"But why is she cockblocking me?" -Boytoy, Halden, re: Kheriim's possessiveness

"The thing about humans you have to understand is that they do everything different.  The one thing that is the same is that they do everything different." -Qwerty, Stavros

"I'm drunk. I'm Italian.  It happens." -foole, re: suddenly emerging accent

"See, this is how you do this!   You warn them, they go ahead and do it, and then later you go, ha ha! See!  I told you so!" -Qwerty, Stavros, to Kheriim

"I do not see why I would not go with them.  Khorl seems to be nice place?"-Qwerty, Stavros

"He was lost but now is found! Is like blind and wrenches."-Qwerty, Stavros, re: reappearance of missing Janan

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