Friday, July 17, 2009

Alastor's Domain

Many years ago, a human named Halas Torstead was made a god. The circumstances of the how and why have long been lost to history. He is now the god Alastor. As such, he has a piece of a plane that is all his own, his Domain, just as all Gods have.

Alastor's domain appears to be the combination of a Victorian garden and a hedge maze. It is a series of rose gardens connected by hallway-like corridors made of plants. Navigating these corridors is nearly impossible without Alastor's help. Each rose garden is a different color, and causes those within the garden to experience different emotions.

His favorite section of his gardens is his observation room. There is a large pool of shiny silver liquid that can view different areas in the mortal realm. Alastor spends much of his time watching here various mortal pursuits such as wars and bizarre sporting events.

Alastor's Domain is the source of the Festoons de Fervor, which are bouquets made from flowers from several of Alastor's gardens. The roses can be used to influence the feelings and emotions of those around the bearer of the bouquet. Alastor is very careful about distributing these bouquets, as they are quite powerful. He does tend to give out single roses to visitors, friends, and persons of interest to him. These roses are eternally in bloom and have very limited emotional power on their own.

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