Friday, August 14, 2009

The Final Session: In Which We Decide Future Events


So, as everyone knows by now, this campaign is hereby ended, due to lack of time and DM burnout. However, we did continue the storyline in our last session (7/30) and came up with a projected future series of events. Herein lie the accounts of the various invasions of the new Hora Quan Empire.

Also, guys, as I plan to write up Janan's crazy crossdressing lesbian romance at some point, I'd really appreciate it if y'all could forward me any extra campaign/world info you have. Metagaming for the win!

What Was Happening Behind the Secretive, Secretive Scenes:

The Diamond Throne was approaching Freja, offering to set her up as Empress of the Hora Quan in return for her basically being their puppet.
Anika was off being Robin Hood? or is this a future event?
Janan was actually a girl!
Blank was planning a possible coup, if necessary. (Read: if Leif takes over.)
Sigrid was getting really sick of all this political bullshit and she and Ganan were thinking of just leaving for another plane.
Leif was conniving with Kheriim and by extension Kaperi.
Halden was actually a drunken idiot!
Er...Ghalib still didn't care about anything but the library and his family.
Cho Dan (?sp) made overtures towards Leif, who was considering forming an alliance with them.
The Harrid are thinking of invading Xanadu. More magic to eat!
Stavros is ready to be allies with anyone who will help against the Harrid. Various people try to take advantage of this.

What Would Have Happened:

Sigrid and Ganan leave. (Yes, I know she was planning on sinking the island, but let's just forget about that for the sake of the plot, alright?)
The Giants invade! with Freya as a sock-puppet sort of ruler.
Leif ousts the Giants with the aid of Cho Dan.
The Harrid invade EVERYWHERE.
(cue battle with clockwork army!)
Anika forments a rebellion in Diamond throne territory.
Blank is the mastermind behind the rebellion in Xanadu, supposedly led by Halden.
Mihal catches up with Janan. They help with the rebellions, traveling around and having their EPIC CRAZY ROMANCE. (ahem.)
Eventually, the forces of Good (or at least the protagonists) prevail! Halden and Anika jointly rule over the Diamond Throne & Xanadu. [PLOT HOLE OF GINORMOUS PROPORTIONS BEING THE HEART OF THE SEA GODDAMN IT I NEED MORE INFO FROM ODDYSEY GRAR] Blank is Commandant! And not only owns the whole ocean, but EVERYTHING.
It works out well for everyone who doesn't die a terrible awful death at some point.

RL Quotage from Friday, July 30th:

"Giant squid are well known for their arrogance." - Oddysey

"Sean Connery is pretty delicious." - Qwerty

"You hate the Grand Canyon? What did the geographical feature do to arouse your ire?" - Oddysey, to Artemis

"At least I win a moral victory." *pause* "By which I mean an imaginary one." - Oddysey

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